Licensing table on the Downloads page is confusing regarding legality of creating free games

The issue is with this page, and, more accurately, with those two rows of the licensing table:

According to the definition of a free project
you cannot release a free game.

Releasing a free project is disallowed under the Publishing license and allowed under the Creators license, while releasing a game is allowed under the Publishing license and disallowed under the Creators license. Thus, releasing a free game under Publishing would break the “no free projects” rule, and releasing it under Creators would break the “only linear media” one.

Now, there are plenty of free games made in UE4 out there, so I doubt that it’s actually the case, and the full text of the license makes things clearer. That said, the first thing a person who wants to download Unreal sees, is “I cannot make free games”.

Just to show it’s an actual issue, here’s a new user being confused, the topic that sparked this thread.

If there’s a better category to create threads about licensing, feel free to move this one.