Licensing Question Maya LT

I understand how licensing works with Autodesk Maya LT. I want to know to what degree that licensing can be stretched, not violated. I have a team and one of the 3D artists is in Europe. While I am able to purchase a year subscription and register it my company for use on 3 desktops (one user at any time) its my understanding that anyone outside the US would require their own license purchased through a reseller in their area, not cost effective. Since we’re not networked and this validation process is likely through email IF the team member in Europe, with Maya already on his system, has my account credentials could he use my account even though the installation is registered in the US?

I am no trying to break Audodesk licensing, I’m trying to extend the legitimate purchase to the two people on my team who need it most (one happens to be outside the US).

Thank in advance for your insight


This is the wrong place to ask, I would try and get in contact with Autodesk support directly to ask them and get a response that way.

You should be able to do the email or chat support pretty easily from here.

I did ask there, its how I know what I presented is accurate. They chat was very helpful. I’m just looking for practical information.

Even so, not networked, if email were the validation method, it really wouldn’t matter where on the planet, or what machine I was sitting at, if I wanted to login with a valid account and use Maya LT, right?

Hi, I asked Autodesk this question before and yes, you do own a full commercial license with a MayaLT license.

Well, thats not exactly my question. If I were to buy a subscription can I allow a person on my team who is not in the US to use that license on his exiting system with his existing build?

My guess is that would be something for a floating license, but again, this is not the right place to ask. People on this forum are not Autodesk representatives, go right to the company and ask them yourself. That way, if anything does come up in the future, you have a case number and chat log to refer to for protection.

I was thinking a floating license as well. Unfortunately the conclusion I was given was to build a system or take a system with a fully licensed Maya LT on it and ship it to Europe - unacceptable and way more expensive that it needs to be. I asked here because if others experienced this unlikely answer perhaps they found a way to keep the license intact, be legal, and still extend the program to the members of their team that needs it.