Licensing issues trying to publish on marketplace

Hello there, I’m trying to publish my first plugin on the marketplace but I keep getting rejected because of licensing issue.

I tried to publish it with a BSD 3-clause Clear license and it got rejected because it’s not compatible with the Marketplace EULA, and I can understand that.
I changed to a MIT license since I noticed that there are other plugins already published with that and resubmitted. Rejected again with the same reason.

I replied to the rejection mail asking why I got rejected even if there already other plugins with same and other license, and they told me they don’t discuss the products of other publishers and that I must remove the MIT license.

Why am I singled out and can’t use a MIT license while there are already other plugins using it?

EDIT: The plugin is completely free.

What does the Plugin do exactly??? … Here’s another option to think about maybe…

Host it on Dropbox / Google-Drive / free service, then link to it in Community-Tools

If no one else replies you can try PMing LowEntry or another Plugin creator as well…

It’s a code accessor for Qt Creator, so that it can be used as an IDE instead of Visual Studio. Who’s LowEntry? Why should I PM him?

Kudos! Nice to see some more anti-Microsoft options.:stuck_out_tongue: Regarding LowEntry it was just a suggestion…

There are a number of popular Plugins floating around the forums, one of which is free and by LowEntry.

But you can look around Community-Tools for a Plugin that has similar licensing etc, and PM the Author.