Licensing for streaming backgrounds made in Unreal 4?

If I were to make a background for livestreaming in UE4, and I made money from the stream, would I have to pay any kind of fee/royalty, or provide explicit credit for the fact I used Unreal 4? I know this would be a rather atypical use of Unreal, so I wanted to ask directly to make sure. Thank you.

Hey there @Dhurkst! Welcome to the community! You’re going to need to run your business plan up against the EULA just to make sure it’s in line. Most video based uses for Unreal Products are without royalties, but I’d definitely double check up against the EULA.

In general, screen grabs (including video) of “things” that were built with Unreal Engine, do not need to credit or pay for Unreal Engine. However, whatever content you use, might need something – for example, if you use assets from some third party store, they may have different licensing.

Curiously, if you stream the Unreal Editor window (with all the panels and object inspectors and so on,) that’s made of assets owned by Epic, although it would likely be considered fair use if you use it to talk about how to do things, rather than somehow using it as the main artwork of some project (which seems unlikely that one would do.)

Note: I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve had lawyers tell me that “it’s complicated” :slight_smile: