Licensing and EULA of Engine

I think CC0 is compatible but I’m am not sure if CC BY or CC BY NC are compatible with the Engine’s EULA… From the gist of it, I know any asset added into the engine that has a sharealike license CC BY SA, that license is not compatible with the EULA. But I want to know if CC BY or CC NC licenses are compatible or not.

What licenses are allowed under Creative Commons if not the Sharealike licenses (CC SA, GPL, ect).

I will just paste a response given by the Marketplace team when they asked the Legal department (the thread is in the Creator’s Hub and you need access there, if you are a MP Creator just ask to the support):
03-11-2018, 01:01 AM
Originally posted by CodeSpartan

I need to include into my assets some content that is under CC BY license. I see the EULA specifically states that CC BY-SA is forbidden, but what about CC BY?
Envato Market explicitly allows CC BY, but forbids CC BY-SA.
Under CC BY, I am under obligation to credit the authors, but my customers wouldn’t be legally obliged to, so I’m guessing this doesn’t contradict EULA in any way. Am I correct?

which WellActually answered:

"Good news. Our Legal team says CC BY does not have the viral portions of CC-BY-SA, so Epic does not consider it a "Non-Compatible License”

Hope this helps!"