licenses and stuff required to avoid a lawsuit when launching

So, we are all trying to release a product, some or most of us a game, question coming from such an inexpert like me

What do I need to avoid legal issues when launching my game?

Until now I know that I need

Unreal engine license, paying royalties

I heard about some gun license to make guns look like real guns

and other stuff, I would like to know what do I need, everything, including the obvious like the unreal engine license, and where do I get it, could someone answer please? I dont want to get legal problems with my first game, specially because I got no money :c

Hi Death Viper,

The Unreal Engine 4 is free for you to download and start developing your game with. You can make your own art assets (just don’t copy someone else and infringe on copyright laws!) or you can get content legally from the UE4 Marketplace.

Once you are getting close to shipping your game, be sure to follow the steps on this page: Release and Royalty Tracking Guidelines - Unreal Engine

And it’s always a good idea to read the FAQ and EULA for additional information.


Do I require anything else? I saw everything of what you posted(In the minorities that actually didnt lie when accepting that stuff)

Another question, What programs should I use to make art assets? are they free? if not, how much?

Gun license to make guns that look real? That sounds awfully silly. I am not sure where you heard this from, but if that was the case, then I’m sure that anyone playing the game would need some sort of gun license as well.

Guns and car designs do contain copyrights and you can be sued for usign them without permission. Typically if a gun is historical or designed/produced by a government, it’s more likely to fall under fair use, but it’s a gun by gun basis. There have been more than a few cases of video game studios being sued or facing legal issues for including designs they don’t have permission to use. Typically an easy way to get around this is the GTA approach where you just combine 3 iconic cars into one (or guns into one).

It’s not because the gun looks realistic. Like ZacD said, it’s that you’re replicating the intellectual property of another company. Having, like say… a Desert Eagle, presents the same issue as having Mickey Mouse in your game.
As long as you’re not following the exact specifications of a real gun, or using the same model name, you won’t run into issues.

thanks for the info, for now I dont think I will be adding real vehicles nor weapons but its good to know about it