License situation for content talks


This is a question that I’d appreciate a direct answer from someone at Epic who knows for sure. I’m giving a conference talk in a few weeks on low-level rendering architectures, and I’d like to do a comparative analysis of an opengl renderer and a Metal renderer. Would using the renderers in Unreal Engine 4 be a breach of the license agreement? If there are constraints to what I can and can’t do, what are they? I know the license agreement talks about code snippets up to 30 lines in length. Is that the total amount of code? Or is that per snippet? I don’t see myself putting up many slides with code on them, I’d prefer to talk more about architectures, etc.


You can show code in unrelated snippets of up to 30 lines each. You can talk freely about the overall architecture, design decisions, etc. UE4 code is made available under the EULA linked from the web site, and is protected by copyright law but there is absolutely no sort of non-disclosure agreement attached, so you’re free to discuss it publicly.

I also think that it isn’t a problem to use such an info in your own goals. But if you’re seriously worried about that, you can always ask an owner to give you a permission.

Thanks for the answers everyone, that clears it up.