License Restrictions for A.R.T. in non-Unreal Projects

Does Epic’s licensing of the Animation and Rigging Toolset allow for its use in non-Unreal projects (for example, in a animation intended for film/television)? If so, what would the license restrictions be?

Thank you.

You can use UE4 for linear production like animation for TV or film, and no royalties are owed on the final product or any work-for-hire fees you earn for the work.

You should read through the EULA to review all the license restrictions, but the most relevant based on your description is that you can’t share the engine’s tools with non-licensees.

Thanks. Canon. These are really very generous licensing restrictions.

Based on the description of linear production, I am assuming that if one were to use a rig/animation from A.R.T. in a game (non-linear product) developed without UE4, that this would not be allowed under the license? I have no intention of doing that, I just want to make sure I understand completely.

Thanks again!

Sorry for delay in response. Since A.R.T. is part of the Licensed Technology, using it means that the EULA applies. You can use A.R.T. in to create assets to use in a different game engine, but Epic would still consider that to mean that you have used the Licensed Technology for that game so the royalty requirements would apply.

That makes perfect sense. Thank you again, Canon.