License Question

Dear All,

I’am new on UNREAL engine.
Firstly thank you for this amazing framework…

I need to clear my mind about some license issues.
I’am planning to publish my game on Apple Store …

Could any one let me know what’s the procedure of this subject ?
I need userdefined answer not guide…

It will be perfect if any one reply who was already followed steps and published their application.


From what I understand, you publish your app normally then once per quarter you send Epic information about the # of sales you made and a payment for the 5% royalty.

  1. Release game on App Store.
  2. Contact Epic with information about your app.
  3. Within 45 days of the quarter ending, send Epic an email with information about your sales for that quarter along with royalty payment.

For more detailed information about the process, click here: