License of Epic Demo content in Marketplace

I know I can use all of the Epic content in commercial projects without problems, I can sell them in commercial projects etc.

But what if I sell not the game itself but the source files? I am asking because you say people should put a demo level with stuff they want to sell on the marketplace to show how to use it and I would like to put stuff from the kite demo in this demo level.

In the UE4 EULA is written

You may Distribute or sublicense Examples (including as modified by you under the License) in Source Code or object code format to any third party. However, the rights in this Section 1(c) do not expand or modify your limited Distribution and sublicensing rights for Engine Code and Content (including as modified by you under the License) that are not Examples.

So I am allowed to sublicense (sell) stuff from examples (kite demo) on the marketplace if the buyers have accepted the UE4 EULA, which is granted in case of the marketplace, correct?

I actually had a very similar question. I’ve was curious about taking the Animation Starter Pack, modifying the animations and making a character blueprint with full-blown movement and selling that (for cheap) on the Marketplace. Since I’d be modifying the animations, the purchaser would not simply be able to just “Add ASP to Project” they’d need my modified animations… Hopefully you’ll get an answer on this soon, it’s been over a month.