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Subject: License Activation Issue - Requesting Assistance

Dear [Unreal Engine Support Team],

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue with the activation of my Unreal Engine license.

After completing a rendering task in Unreal Engine, I received a warning message stating that my license is not activated. I have attempted to resolve this issue by restarting the Unreal Engine build system as well as my computer, but the problem persists. I am currently running Unreal Engine in standalone mode.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide guidance on how to resolve this license activation issue. I have checked the coordinator, but I am unsure how to activate my license from there. Could you please provide me with detailed instructions on how to activate my Unreal Engine license?

Additionally, if there are any troubleshooting steps or further information you require from me, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to provide them.

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and assistance in resolving this license activation issue.

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Hey there @maddofat! Welcome to the community! So the license being referred to is not likely the license to build projects from the engine, but likely a subcomponent of it. The engine’s license itself is for the most part rather open and I don’t believe you’d be getting an error about that. *Caveat being anyone that has a custom license but then this support would go through the UDN (Unreal Developer Network)

So let’s try and see which plugin/service is looking for it and see if I can get you some information on it.

What type of project are you working on? (Game, Render, or other media really suffices).

If you’re getting this warning during the build, could I see the build log where it mentioned the license?

Three things that can have license requests in UE are the game console plugins that look for you to be a part of their respective developer groups before you can target builds to their console and get access to their tools. Next is the Capturing Reality plugin, which is used mostly for photogrammetry and has it’s own separate license, and Quixel/Megascans and that’s actually free but has it’s own license tied to your account. Are you using any game console development plugins or Capturing Reality?

Maybe its incredibuild running in standalone mode…

Excellent call @Verkyker! (By the way welcome back to the community!) Sounds like this has been a problem before:

The issue was incurred by IncredBuild, an extension of Visual Studio. You can follow this link to activate it on your computer manually. It is free.

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