License for showroom


We are the owner of the brand ZICCO and THE NORTH BATH and we want to present our product “bath” using your engine. The presentation will be free for the showroom so that every customer can see the product using VR technology
I send links

This test version is not completed


We want everything legal so my question is

In that case (first post ), we have to pay for the licenses?

If so how much and how and how does it look like?

(But you already gave me an answer)

We will also want the UNREAL logo put on the end of the animation (If you have nothing against) and
If you want to use our project for your presentation we will be very happy


Great news


Looks nice! You haven’t asked a question, but I can say that your proposed usage is fine under the EULA and there is no royalty.

For the use you describe, there is no license fee and no royalty (because the product you’re creating is just showroom marketing). All you need to do is accept the EULA.

If you want to use the Unreal trademark, you need to fill out a trademark form (accessible here). When you submit the form, you are welcome to send the branding@ team videos for possible inclusion in our demo reels.