License for commercial use of marketplace props & environments

Hi! I am making a presentation video editing tool, it is a web-app. Not made with UE.

I just need to buy and use these UE ver 4.20, 4.21, etc props & environments, and convert them to another 3d format for my use. Since this is a video editing tool, the end product that my customer makes with my interactive editing experience is then a video file like mp4.

This is easy but I would like to know what about the license use in this kind of case. Is there a common policy on this or do I have to write a question to each seller and ask for a permission to this kind of commercial use?


Hi @VarisVisuals, You don’t have to pay royalty on UE until you reach $100K.
You CANNOT use any Epic Unreal Asset/media/Artwork for anything other than Unreal. If it’s not written with Unreal DONT use Unreal assets.

Why not make it with Unreal Engine as the basis for your 3D.

Writing for legal consent throughout the world will NOT work.
No one except small uninterested parties will give consent or they will want mega-money if you are to sell to someone else like 50% profit.

Why not use Epic Marketplace and see if you can get it accepted there first

I am not a lawyer I am an indie Dev, but I know where NOT to tread regarding Copyright

Anything from the marketplace can be used in other applications unless it is clearly stated in the product that its only for use with Unreal Engine. However, you should be careful not to use any Unreal Engine Starter Content of other assets from the engine, only use things you’ve purchased on the marketplace.
Hope this helps. (:

Edit: Here is a link to the Marketplace Knowledge Base where it speaks about marketplace content usage.

Great! Thank you Talon_H !

Actually that value is now $1,000,000 in USD.


Ok, thank you.
So if my business grows over $1,000,000 in USD in sales, then I have to pay royalties.

I got few questions still in my head:

  • do pay onwards from that $1,000,000 point, but not retrospectively?
  • Is there a same fixed amount percentage to all sellers, if so what is that % ?

The answer for your questions can be found here:
at the very top.
You can ask for a custom licensing, but you will need to provide a lot of details about your project and maybe even asked for a demo/sample in order to be properly evaluated and maybe have a discount at the royalties fee. Also the fee starts from 1,000,000 and won’t count the retrospective history of sales from your part.