License fee and taxes

Hi there,
I’ve got a few questions about the 5% fee and maybe someone who already sold games can answer them:

  1. If my game costs 100 EUR net and with taxes in Germany 119 EUR in the App Store or Steam or whatever, will the 3.000 USD/quarter calculates by the net price without VAT or included VAT prices?

  2. If my game sells very good in the first 8 month and then it falls down to unter 3.000 USD / quarter, do I’ve to pay still the 5% because it was over 3.000 USD before or will it calculates every quarter new?

  3. The 3.000 USD a quarter is from game-sell (build with UE) only, not of the company’s total sales. Right?

Thank you :slight_smile:

No one can answer this?

The EULA is quite simple and it anwsers those questions.
It’s the gross value, and therefore, it’s before you pay any taxes and any other royalty. VAT is also included, which means, it’s the value that your customer ends up paying in the end (€119).
All callculations are made PER QUARTER, PER GAME, that uses UE4.