License EULA Questions

Hello. I am a newbie, and I have a few questions about the terms under which I can use Unreal Engine. There are two licenses available. One called “Publishing License” and the other called “Creators License”. I do understand the terms described by each one of them, but I do not understand if I can choose the license I want to use if I already agreed to one in order to download the engine. For example if I made a game and sold it I need the Publishing license. If afterwards I have a “client” that needs a custom 3d solution (like a walkaround of his property or house) do I need to uninstall unreal and then install the version with the "creators " license? Or can I just choose the license which suits my needs without reinstalling the software? I am sorry if this question seems obvious(and boring), but I really want to understand the terms and conditions.
Thanks in advance!!

There’s no different versions of the engine for whatever license, I believe you agree to both when you download the engine, so whatever you do might apply under one of those licenses.

Thank you very much for your answer!!! All the software licenses are tricky to understand.

Hello, at this point, I have a little question. I m new to Unreal Engine. I have read the licenses but I couldn’t fully understand. I want to create content for Unreal Engine and wanna sell on Marketplace. (I will not creat game). Which license should I use? Publishing or Creators License? Thanks.