license about arc viz presentations

Hello we are small personal freelancer company and one client want to kitchen arc viz project .they show their kitchen models
their customers. not for sale only use their workers.
project budget is only 7000 dollar. we must pay to you any liciences money and how much ? or not need to pay you this is only arc viz project .

also we paying a lot of money to you on marketplace. we paid 300 dollar for our personal project we bougth somethings…

any one will answere to me ?

A reply to this question was posted yesterday in another thread in which you asked the question: I’ve copied the response below just in case:

“No royalties are due on work-for-hire fees. As long as the simulation that you create for this client is not made available to additional clients and is not sold, you should not owe any royalties under the UE4 EULA.”