Licence Terms

Hey Everyone,

I was wondering what licence terms are like pertaining to assets purchased off the marketplace. If i buy assets and use them in a project, am i required to pay the artist royalties, or is it just the one time fee that gives me free use of the assets. I wouldn’t want to screw anyone over.


Hey OneSleepyPanda!

You aren’t required to pay royalties to the authors of the marketplace products. You are free to use them in any of your projects so long as the content is not the primary focus. (i.e. it needs to be a game, video, simulation etc.) You cannot resell the assets as part of an asset pack or individually to other developers.

Check out the FAQs for more information. =)

It should also be noted that you can use them in any number of projects you wish, you own a license to the asset for life and are not limited to a set number of projects.
The team members on your projects can work with the assets on your projects under your license.

The license is non-transferable and if a team member wants to use the asset outside of your projects (the license holder), they will need to buy it to have their own license.

Epic says it all better though :wink:

Plugins can have varying licensing terms as far as I know (I was asked about licensing for my plugin that is going on the marketplace).