android lib: There is any possibility to reduce its size?


Hi, inside every .apk package there is a that I suppose is the engine binary of 58bm, it is luckily compressed
to 18mb.

It is possible and feasible to get the source code of UE4 and discard modules I don’t plan to use in a small mobile game to generate a smaller so lib? Then use that small lib in my blueprint-only projects?

If the answer is yes, what you recommed to me? I know how to read C++ code well, but I have no experience programming with C++ and never interested in working with Visual Studio. ( I’m an old fashioned Object Pascal guy with 3D/2D design and animation skills)

Do you recommend me to hire some one to do that?

Or wait for new versions of the engine in a near future that could generate smaller mobile builds?
(Currently the lowest size I can get making a lot of tricks is 37mb, is good but not competitive).


i alse find the is so big, and i look the log file, it show package some common files to apk,like shader, fonts, texture and so on, currently cant find way to not package some file.
wait for good way too.

Hi, yes, still not improvements. Please set your message as a comment, not an answer.
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thanks , i will.

Now with new version 4.9.0 a new .SO library is there to increase our APK size, the name is “”, obviously a VR stuff, that most mobile games don’t need.