"Library 'stdc++' was not resolvable..." when creating a C++ Class on UE4

Hello, I’m fairly new to UE4 (4.24 on Ubuntu 16.04) and I’m working with AirSim and Blocks.
Whenever I create a C++ class, I get the following message

A pop up message appears in my right, telling me my build failed and if I open my Message Log, (amongst other things) I get this:

I get the same warning for the library ‘supc++’ and this error:

The .h and .cpp are created in a Source folder within Bocks and AirSim, but nothing appears in the “Content” folder where initially I right clicked it to add a C++ Class and in the “View Options” tab I have a check on the “Show C++ Classes” but nothing appears on my editor…
I did some research and with the help of other forum I think Unreal Header Tool is having a problem with the file/ class that I created, ‘My Actor’.
I don’t know what to do with this information and I’ve searched but couldn’t find others with the same problem.
Can anyone help?