Library resources for level design - mostly building/offices

Hi all,
Sorry to post a thread when It can be repeated. However, I tried to look around and I get very confuses.

I am doing a project for University - to build a 3D model in Unreal.

I tried some free resources (from the forum, google etc). However, I do not know which way is the best? Is it a good idea to get model from 3D library in sketchup, 3Ds and cad to convert to Unreal? Is it a better idea to find or buy a model made in Unreal alrealy?

I am thinking I may have to pay for some model, I need something like office (to decorate the office). Buildings equipments. Some basic things.
Where should I buy them from? We have quite limited budget for this.

THank you

Grab blender and try yourself ( Getting free resources are great when they are specifically designed for the platform you are going to be using (UE4) but when they are converted from other formats for use in other things then strange and unforeseen things start to happen, like massive polygon/tris count, huge texture sizes or they just plain don’t work properly.

Learn to do the basics for yourself and you will never look back, there are plenty of resources on how to start modelling in blender and then import properly into unreal engine. From there you can use some basic textures and build from there.

Hi Ghiest,
Thank you for the advice. I will get blender and try it now.
However, can I ask where will be the best place to buy some 3D model (like books, chars etc) to put in Unreal?