[LIBRARY] Organizing!

I’m a hobby developer, with around 70 entries in my Library folder and have run into a few snags.

My biggest wish would be centralized way to keep all bought / saved content available for individual insertion into any project, rather than have to load a 5GB material pack into a project whenever I want to use a specific material
But I’ve seen this requested many times before, there are probably reasons it’s not implemented so my other suggestions are as following:

  • More options to organize items in library, in sub folders or categories or with tags. That way you can organize asset pack by their contents, like furniture, lighting, etc. and keep blueprints and sound related content and so on, apart.

  • I find the red dots indicating available updates on content hard to spot in the library, also the dot with the number on the “Library” button in the launcher doesn’t disappear even if you’ve done all the updates, until you click on it.

  • Perhaps standardized icons or labels after the name of an entry in the store / library to show whether it’s an SFX asset or a Pack or a Material. Currently in the store, items on sale have their “Category” label replaced by the “Sale” label and many entries, especially in the SFX category have ambiguous graphics.

  • Ability to hide entries from the Library? Some are plugins that you install once or whenever there’s a new major version of the engine, some you may not want to see.

  • Wish list! Many times looking for something in particular, I come across something interesting which I then forget about, because there’s no way to favourite or save store items to buy them later.

*Not really library related, but all the tutorial indicators are reset and flash on every button whenever a new project is started.

**Also because projects often end up bloating to 40-50GB because of the necessity of adding entire asset packs, it would be great if the packaging function only added things referenced in the level files rather than the entire project file. (I’ve seen this requested before too, just adding it to my dream list! )

I really like the “favorite” suggestion.

I think there is an option in the packaging project settings section where you can specify what level you’d like to pack and therefore, what assets he’s supposed to add to the cooked build. But I’m not sure it’s actually “working as intended”.