Library Environment UE

Hello! It is a pleasure for me to show my new project.
It is a navigable environment in Unreal Engine 5.
A giant library like in the series The Dark Crystal or as we imagined in the book The Name of the Wind.
I leave some first images of the blocking and references.
Hope you like it


Hi there @Cinthia,

Hope you’re doing well.

I have to say the inspiration photos you’ve chosen are wonderful. Libraries are places that I’ve always thought were beautiful but you’re really going above and beyond here with your design. So excited!

Can’t wait to see progress on this! :slight_smile:

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Hello, today I bring some progress of the project, I have been working, especially, on the modular parts and on this book that will carry our character. All feedback is welcome.


Greetings @Cinthia !

Libraries have been one of my passions since childhood. It has been very refreshing to find that you are creating one in UE5! The Dark Crystal is also one of my favorite films, as I am a Jim Henson fan.

As @PresumptivePanda pointed out, your reference photos are both powerful and beautiful!

The spiral stairs you have built are like a strand of DNA - the pathway with which information exists from one level to the next. The texture you’ve chosen for the walls and banisters are both rich and fitting.

Are you modelling your own assets and using your own textures? Which lighting from your reference photos are you aspiring to achieve (amber, cool, bright, naturally lit, dimly lit)?


Hello, @Get_DOVAH_it I’m delighted to see that I’m not the only one who is passionate about libraries. :slight_smile:

Yes, I am modeling my own assets and most of the textures.

I want everything to be illuminated by the natural light that enters through the winodws, but at the same time there is a purple light coming from the hanging lamps.

Thanks for the support and feedback!

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Hello there

Today I will be updating the progress of this week.

I’ve finished modeling and texturing floors, shelves and some props, and I’m showing a first lighting pass.

See ya.


I am back for show you the new progress of the environment.
Not long to see the final result.


Hello Odisar!

What an amazing flythrough! The angle you’ve chosen is perfect to show off the winding staircase. Seeing all those books reminds me of a scene from Beauty & the Beast: :rose:

BELLE: You have a library?
LUMIERE: Yes! Oh, indeed.
COGSWORTH: With books. Scads of books!
LUMIERE: Mountains of books! Forests of books!
COGSWORTH: Cascades!
LUMIERE: Cloudbursts!
COGSWORTH: Swamps of books!
LUMIERE: More books than you’ll ever be able to read in a lifetime. :books:

You’ve done a great job in taking the time out to make the books unique in size, width, and color. There’s nothing more boring than seeing a bookshelf with books of the same size and thickness repeated over and over again. The stacks and scrolls are also a perfect addition to your library.

I’m enamored with the green holographic, moving image! Where have you decided to place the old tome with the golden characters with the vine for a bookmark?

Hello, it’s been a while, there is the final result of the library environment, I’m so proud of the work and still growing with other proyects.


Absolutely stunning @Cinthia :slight_smile: I love how magical the scene feels. The stills don’t even begin to give this environment justice. Watching the short videos you’ve linked on ArtStation really brought the room to life for me. Wonderful work!

Hope to see more of your wonderful creations around the forums :heartpulse: