Liberation Team - RATED M FOR MATURE


I’d like to Introduce my video game to realm of the epic forums. Liberation Team is a online multiplayer shooter game that focuses heavily on teamwork, you must converse with your fellow teammates to efficiently defeat the other team. If not You may not know where the sniper will be or the guy in his tent hiding waiting on your step in there domain.

At The Moment I’m Planning to release various versions of the Pre-Alpha on steam, the Pre-Alpha may seem strange but hey it’s the Pre-Alpha.
(“Bear With us”)

As Many other coder or developers I May have started of as you. A gamer Fascinated in the possibility of making a video game. It’s been a very rocky road, waking up to study, studying to sleep, and well over a thousand hours of studying(“ask how long? Answer: I lost count”).At the end of the day it’s all well worth it!!!

Originally the plan was to release the beta much earlier, but hurricanes and thunder all summer. The thunderstorm even fried my ps4 =0000… But hey!!!

Pre-Alpha Release Date: The Pre-Alpha is planned to be released as soon as possible.

Beta Release Date:The Beta Is planned to be released end of November or early December, Depending on legal requirements and compliance this may be later.

Development Status: At the moment the development cycle looks Straightforward.

Development Issues: Only Development issue I see so far is character animations and characters. I’d like to have the top quality animations and characters.

Development Work-Around: Due to the character animations and characters: I’ll rather purchase some for use in the beta.

Development Kick-Starter: I think it’ll be right when the Game reaches beta and you get a feel for the game for you to decide rather you’d like to donate.

Website (“Under-Development”): This will lead you to the companies website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Why did you decide not to create your own animations? Everyone’s doing it!!

Answer: Well, as a one man team I don’t want to waste my time on one aspect where ultimately I’ll trash, whenever I’m able to achieve an top quality Result!

Question: Which Platforms do you plan to release?

Answer: Sony PlayStation and Steam. (Updated on solid confirmation of console)

Question: Is this Game Respawn or not?

Answer: I’d like to keep that under wraps.

Current Status: Alpha 0.01 Finished, TeamDeath Match Online

The game is currently in the middle of recovery due to the hurricanes and weather which included: Thunderstorms almost every day which kept the equipment dormant, huge power surges, and a few minor reason(seriously), which has set it back greatly, I’m happy to say the major workings of the code will be finalized next month. The stages are in limbo due to decisions on quality, rather to use the official programs to achieve top notch quality and details, which will be achieved by funding. Or stick to the very indie route. As I call my-self a Professional coder(No degree obtained) I’ll be able to bring which I believe is quality code.

Although due to the circumstances I’ll have a alpha which people would be able to participate through steam. On or Around the 5th of next month