Liberation - Looking for Talented Individuals

Project Overview

Target Platform:
PC (Steam)

Young adult and above.
People who enjoy RPG style games and feeling like they are actually in the game.
People who enjoy violence, action and adventure.
People who enjoy an interesting and exciting story.

Game Summary:
The player takes on the role of a heroic weapons specialist who is the leader of a small rebel group. The player will use their rebel group strategically to destroy enemy bases, cut off enemy supply lines and liberate cities and towns. The player will grow the rebel group by recruiting rebels as they go about their business, growing the rebel group will allow the player to attack larger enemy bases and liberate larger cities; progressively working towards liberating the nations and bringing the enemy nation (Zeelentus) to justice.

Game Outline:
The world was enjoying a time of peace and prosperity; there were good and happy times. Sixty years later the world has become torn and divided. This all started when the nation of Zeelentus began its full fledged invasion of the world. After sixty years of war, Zeelentus is nearing victory. All hope has been lost…

However, a small group of rebels called Liberation still have not lost hope. Currently they attack enemy camps, cut of enemy supply networks and pretty much anything else they can do to mess with them. They’re dream is to liberate the nations, bring Zeelentus to justice and restore peace to the world.

The rebel group first began when a courageous weapons specialist called Diego started doing whatever he could to mess with Zeelentus’ forces. This ranged from stealing Zeelentus supplies to killing enemy soldiers. Over time, Diego has recruited many brave individuals to join the fight and with the help of more recruits the rebel group has been able to do more damage but nowhere near enough.

Diego will carry on using his group of rebels to do whatever damage they can and progressively take on more difficult missions as the rebel group grows. Eventually, the rebel group will become strong enough to begin liberating civilizations. Starting with small towns and villages and work their way up to liberating large cities as they grow. Eventually the group will be able to start liberating nations. The only way to liberate a nation is to gain strength from recruiting and training members of the rebel group and to weaken the enemy by destroying enemy bases and liberating civilizations. Once the rebel group is strong enough they will have to liberate the nations capital and after interrogating the capitals representative from Zeelentus for the location of the nations leader, the rebels will go and free the nations leader and return them to their rightful place to lead their nation! At this point the nation will have been liberated.

Diego and his group of rebels will go on to liberate all 9 nations and finally go on to invade the nation of Zeelentus. Zeelentus is weak but they will still put up a fight, so the rebels must weaken them by destroying enemy outposts and taking control of civilizations. Once Zeelentus is weak enough, the rebels will invade the capital, killing all enemy soldiers and taking control of the city. From here Diego will enter the throne room and give the leader of Zeelentus the chance to surrender peacefully but of course the Zeelentus leader will have too much pride to give up. Diego’s final mission will be to kill the leader of Zeelentus in an epic battle to decide the fate of the world!

Selling Points:
Open world environment where the player is free to roam the world.
Fast action and intense battles when attacking enemy bases/camps and liberating civilizations.
Strategic gameplay, using your rebel forces effectively to gain an advantage over the enemy.
Skill leveling to unlock better gear (Weapons, armor, vehicles, etc.)
Earning in-game money to buy better gear (Weapons, armor, vehicles, etc.)

Similar Titles:
Just Cause 3
Final Fantasy 15

Team Structure:
Jack McCutcheon(Project Creator/Manager - Game Designer - Marketing)

Lead Artist

Lead Programmer

Lead Level Designer
-Level Designer

Lead Character Artist
-Character Artists

Concept Artist

Audio Engineer

Talent Required:
Looking for a small team to work on a prototype who will take on lead roles when producing the full game.

3D Artist (1)
Ability to export to FBX format.
Able to use UE4 toolset a bonus.

Level Designer (1)
Able to work with Unreal Engine
Able to create environments in Unreal Engine
Able to create basic object animation (eg. opening a door)
Have good spatial and design skills

3D Character Artist (1)
Able to use Maya is required.
Able to work with UE4 toolset a bonus.

Programmer (1)
Able to work with Unreal Engine required
Able to use C++ and Blueprints required
Able to program AI

Audio Engineer (1)
Able to create music for games
Able to create sound effects for games

Concept Artist(1)
Able to create concept art from a verbal explanation
Be imaginative and creative
Able to scan drawings onto a computer

Skype is required for all roles, for quick and easy communication.

Applying For A Role:
When contacting me, please leave: your name, the role you are applying for, your previous work and link to your portfolio(s) if applicable.

Before contacting me, I would like to make it abundantly clear that this project is paid via royalties.


Still looking for above roles.

Team currently consists of me and a rigging artist