Liberation at Dawn - VR - Escape Room Experience

A 12-week project to create a VR escape room experience. This was done for a University project by 13 people at Escape Studios.

Game prefix: Finding yourself confined in a mysterious chamber you must figure out how to get out! You realize you are in the office of a secret monster hunter base, filled with oddities, weapons, and trophies of the occult.

These human warriors seem to think you are one of the creatures!

Once you figure out how to escape this secret research room you emerge into a small sinister private surgery hall. A lecture room for members of the Golden Dawn in training! And you were their next specimen!

Can you escape before they return?

Rookies entry:

Trailer/Environment Video:

Kyran Roe - Producer, Prop Artist:
Hannah Clark - Art Director, Foliage Artist:
Josef Russell - Lead Artist:
Urim Osmani - Environment Artist, Level Design, Audio, Cinematic Artist:
Willow Sorour - Lighting Artist:
Chris Elliott - Prop Artist:
Kevin Pearce - Prop Artist:…
Adrian Cluskey - Environment/ Prop Artist:
Max Fitzgerald - Environment/ Prop Artist:…
Thomas Paul - Technical Artist:
Viktor Pecsi - Environment/ Prop Artist:
Luke Crouch - Prop Artist:
Shay Payne - Material Artist:

Oh that’s cool! Excellent work!

So interesting!! I wan to try it, but I don’t have VR :frowning: