LHR mode on GFX effect?

Looking to buy a new GPU and noticed that Nvidia has added a LHR (Lite Hash Rate) mode to its 30xx range discourage use in bitcoin mining.

The reviews of this tech change say there is no impact to gaming.

Hoping someone from RC can explain whether this will have any tangible effect on processing for photogrammetry.

Hi Michael,

RealityCapture is using just one part of GPU and it is CUDA stream processors. The important things are theirs count and frequency. If LHR doesn’t restrict the function of CUDA cores, there shouldn’t be a problem with this kind of GPUs.

the new driver/firmware detects specific algorythms used by etherium miners and I guess any similar ones (there is no bitcoing mining on gpus), this means that everything else works fine - but I guess they made such a big deal out of it, that people think doing anything besids gaming is bad…