LGUI (Lex GUI) - True 3D UI System, Event Framework, Prefab Workflow, Tween Animation

Build UI inside UE4-Editor’s 3d world, what you see is what you get!


Here is a simple video that shows you how my 3D-UI is and how to create one:
And here is a HTC Vive VR project I’m currently working on:
And another project(the blur effect is added to the video, not ue4’s engine effect):
All UI of these video is made of LGUI, none UMG or Slate.

Hi everyone, I used to be a Unity developer, when the first time I came to ue4 I feel some tools are not very handy(Just my personal feeling, because I’m a Unity developer). So I create this plugin to help my workflow. If you are familiar with Unity, you will find this plugin is a UE4 version of Unity’s NGUI/UGUI.

Hope you guys like it!

Main modules: 3D UI Rendering, Event Framework, Prefab Workflow, Tween Animation.
This video shows how to make a simple button with LGUI:
Prefab workflow:

I will upload more videos to introduce these modules.

Feature List:

  • Create UI directly inside level editor
  • Layout control
  • Drawcall control
  • Full editor support to build UI
  • Component based workflow
  • Bind event directly in level editor
  • Use prefab to store UI as uasset, and restore it at runtime or editor
  • Tween system for UI and UE4’s build-in objects, and extensible for custom object

Here is a walkthrough video of some features:

Compare to UMG:
1, LGUI’s UI element is based on UObject/ActorComponent/Actor, means spawn/tick/destroy even GC is the same interface. But UMG is based on Slate, it’s a completely different system.
2, LGUI is all 3D, and can edit in 3d space, and have position z, and have rotation x,y,z. UMG is 2d space.
3, LGUI is renderred direct on gpu, it draws triangles and textures to show UI elements. UMG is renderred on cpu, and then draw into texture for 3d space(am I wrong about this?).

Can it be also implemented for Oculus ?
And also is it working on multiplayer ?

​​​​​​​It’s not UI asset or content, it’s a UI plugin framework. You can build 3D UI based on it, PC or Vive-VR or Oculus-VR even Cave-VR, all supported.
As for multiplayer, I think you on your own.

Does it support DX12?
This screenshot is my result.
Sprite not shown

Is this problem still there? Have you try the new version of this plugin?

Looks like nothing shown in the world space UI. Is this just happens on DX12?

>Is this just happens on DX12?

I tried the sample with the new version of the plugin and UE4.23.0
That was fine.