LG G Pad F™ 8.0 a good development test device?

I’ve got to admit, I’m NOT an Android person, but I do want to make my game available to Android devices, so I’m getting the LG G Pad F™ 8.0 V495 to test on. Is this a good device to use as a testing platform? Or is there another Android device that I should use as a testbed? Like I said, I really don’t have a clue when it comes to androids, so is this the droid I’m looking for?



The Adreno 305 is a little old now (2012) I’d also look into whether or not it can be upgraded from 5.0.

Thanks! The tablet came about an hour ago and I’m still trying to figure out how to get a test build moved over to it! LOL! Can’t seem to find out how to make it visible to the PC. But then, I haven’t asked Uncle Google yet. Was hoping to get it on my own without having to stop to ask for directions.