[LFW] Ze Liu - 2D Concept / Illustration - Freelance commissions

Hi there, I’m Ze, a concept artist / illustrator with many years of experience in games and some in film and education, and I’m open for paid work in 2D concept, game art and illustration.
Here’s something about me, there’s also a commission info sheet attached with all you need to know about contracting me.


**Skillset(s):**3D Character Artist

  • 2 years in AAA games 3D.
  • 2 years in game art education.
  • 1 year in VFX 3D.
  • 5 years in Mobile games 2D.

Notable Previous Work:

Dawn of Gods - Concept Artist / Illustrator
Goal One - Illustrator
BAM! Battles and Monsters - Concept Artist / Illustrator

Questions and comments welcome!

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: silentragex