[LFW] Voice Actor for upcoming projects!

Hello there you wonderful people,

just thought I’d lean in to offer my services here as well. Pretty much in the scene decade and a half, leading my voice to various projects in various mediums. Such as audio dramas/ radio plays, podcasts, animation, games and other projects. Can’t hurt to reach out here in turn as well. Such as the last project to come out was a murder mystery called ‘Disconnected’](Disconnected (Ep2) by GeorgeKle) as of this post. So, are you possibly looking for more voice talent for your project do let me know.

[Demo reel]]( [Demo reel]](

Your range is very good, and the low one in the 2019 reel is what we need for a character :slight_smile:
I write and compose for a story-driven, sci fi fps/rpg game.
Please consider joining us through here, we’ll answer your questions there:

Thanks ahead

I’ve recently created a voice actor on-demand service that caters to freelance voice actors. If you would like to apply head over to the website and check out the “Get a Gig” tab.