[LFW] Unreal Engine Generalist Blueprint programming Some C++ Programming

Need help with your project in unreal engine?
I have been working with unreal engine since 2016 I haven’t fully completed a game yet but have many porotypes and I am constantly learning new things every day I am a very fast learner and no a lot about unreal engine, steam integration and multiplayer elements, vfx etc… I just want to work with others people and start a community of programmers that help each other out. …

  • experienced in blue print programming

  • UI design and elements

  • character animation importing setup loco etc…

  • some VFX design with cascade and Niagara

  • Average at C++ still learning…

  • pretty much all things unreal … jack of all trades master of none.

I also do after effects and a small bit of blender general environment props and stuff with substance painter etc…

if you need someone to help porotype your ideas or help out with general unreal engine content contact me at dkstudiosnz@gmail.com

also looking for 2d ui artists 3d artists for own projects

or on discord at darkz#3264

also check out my youtube

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Hey DarkzNZ,
I’m looking for a Programmer to help out on a small fantasy RPG Game. Hopefully you’d be interested. I will message you on Discord. Cheers! :slight_smile: