[LFW Unpayed] Shawn "Gaila", Music Composer

I am looking to offer my skill set to anyone who needs a composer for one of their projects.
I am new to the Indie development crowd, and though I should try and put myself out there.

About me:
I have been writing my own music for three years.
Being self taught has given me a wide range of styles that I am able to write in from big and loud epic melodies,
to slower, more emotional soundtracks fit for a cinematic, fantasy styled background.

You can find some of my music here

Contact me:
Skype: superdewd1

Additional Information:
I am currently working full time on a 9 - 5 schedule Western Pacific time, however this will not
harm any productivity when it comes to putting out songs.

Comments are welcome, as well as any profesional opinions on any of my pieces.