[LFW UNPAID] Viktor "GerodruS" Smirnov - Programmer

My name is Viktor Smirnov.
I’m a Moscow-based front-end developer with 4+ years of experience.

I’ve started actively to learn Unreal Engine a month ago and looking for small (but interesting) pet-project for practice with the engine. Join or create from scratch.

C, C++, C#, Lua, etc. languages
Marmalade SDK, Cocos2D-X, Unity3D, Defold, etc. engines
MS Visual Studio, Apple Xcode, JetBrains, etc. IDEs
SVN, Git, Plastic SCM.

Previous Work:
Shadow Fight 2
Nekki, Programmer, Cocos2D-X v2

Message Quest
Royal Troupe, Programmer, Unity3D

JetCat Games, Programmer, Unity3D

SMASH BASH: Date with the Desert (in development)
Rising Wave, Programmer, Defold


Skype: gerodrus

Additional Information:
UTC+03:00 timezone.
Off-the-job availability only.
English and Russian languages.

Comments and e-mails are welcome!
Serious people with experience in gamedev only, please.

Currently the simple task im trying to achieve is FPS/TPS arena module for character testing b4 we implement characters into a voxel world which will come later down the line in devlopment.

Very simple stuff generic in my mind but as an artist i need to focus on what i do best.
heres what tutorial ive been doing.

Basic stuff in my mind, Yet i want to focus on the Art Rigging and Animations /particles/impacts/muzzleflash/spells etc. combine 3 things fps tps and melee, Leaderboard etc.

Thanks for your time, i have worked in games for 3 years i was an audio engineer for 10 years prior.