[LFW][UNPAID][STORY WRITER] Amateur story writer for hire

Do you need a little touch of creativity and originality in your project ?
It’s what i am here for.
Writing is my passion I like to test everything that is possible and unimaginable.
My imagination is not boundless, it is way worse, it is a dragon getting bigger and bigger. The only way to decrease it is to write. That is why I darken pages of strange and diverse ideas. I love it ! And you will too !
Born in 1999, I am a survivor of the 1900s. I have the love of writing since childhood. I love to see the dawn of new hero and lead them until the end of their adventure.

I did a year of MANAA in animation cinema.

I am interested in discovering or creating any type of story, I like challenges.

Accept all contracts but especially those that already have concept arts as i like to base myself on an atmosphere and get a more precise idea of what you expect from me.
Do not hesitate to contact me in private !

PS : I am motivated but will only write in french as it is my mother-thongue.

Hi YetAnotherFrench, are you still willing to write something unimaginable? I’m looking for co-authors for another project - I have an idea for a story (RPG dystopia) based on Rétrofutur. It’s in French, that is why a French speaking writer could be helpful (my French isn’t that good), I want to add some more ideas from Kafka, Cronenberg, Burroughs or Van Vogt.