[LFW Unpaid] Self-Educated Game Designer

I am a self-educated Game Designer and currently looking for any kind of MMORPG /MMOFPS project to work with a team to improve my skills, I’m eager to learn and cooperate with my team for the best result outcome. If any team needs someone to help them with the tasks at hand I’ll be more than happy to help them out in any way necessary by doing so it will help me improve and develop my skills even more and make me an asset in a team effort to create something unique and pleasing for our customers. I am self-educated for the last 5 years using a 3D unreal engine for my projects which I’m still at, hopefully this might be a chance for me to do something i love since i was young.

Contact me for more information.

Thank you.

Hello there,

We are a small indie team that has been working on a new MMO title 'Rise of Titans" and are always looking to welcome some new team members to help us accomplish this big project. We have made incredible progress with completing the framework, map in development and putting together main features for the MMO. Depending on your interest there may be some great options for you to explore with us!

Please email me at [EMAIL=“jordan@archagestudios.com”]jordan@archagestudios.com for more information or you can message me through here as well. Either works!