[LFW] [UNPAID/ROYALTY] Mobile dev here !! would like to help in any way

Hii there !!
XADIFY here aka XAD !! Real name is Akshay Dharmadhikari (ignore if too long :P)

I’m a solo game developer and would like to join your awesome team and work on something new and exciting !!
If you want to


  • Mobile 3D asset design/modeling
  • Expert and efficient Blueprint programmer specially in AI.
  • UX/UI designer.
  • 2.5 years of UE4 experience.
  • My own mobile game coming soon !

For now I cannot post my previous/recent work here. If you want I can PM you if interested in my service. Will be posting my work soon !


Additional Information:

  • I live in India so mind the time zones.
  • Will update very frequently about progress in work but don’t expect too early will deliver within time. I’ll be working along with my other work.
  • English Only
  • Plz contact me and will let you know any other info you need.

add me on skype: Glitch King (Mr Burns Display Picture) would like to chat.