[LFW] [UNPAID - PAID] Idea's man (Giving this a chance and hoping for best results)

So here’s my situation. I of course myself love the creations of video games, any and all ideas are fantastic. Some have a deeper concept to them than others but this still doesn’t stop the game from being enjoyable, correct?
I have so many ideas constantly flowing through my mind and I would love to pursue many of them. I personally just don’t have all the time in the world to do the 3D modeling, programming, music, scenery, etc. etc. by myself… I can say this isn’t true but yet again I am not too sure about spending 5 years on a solo project when instead I can see deep progress with something that can be created by a team in a shorter period of time.

The main idea of this is to start off small and grow, we can make something big and you never know what this could progress into!

I would love to post the ideas in this thread but unfortunately there’s a situation where I don’t personally trust giving out ideas to literally everybody to where they would be taking credit. So if you’re interested please message me with what you can provide OR if you have a team already but need someone to pursue ideas and continue the growth of game progress then I’m your guy!

Think of me as the Jack of all Trades, able to provide work for all fields!

I’m posting this in hope of an opportunity to bring a group of people into a more successful position along side with enjoying every bit of what they do.

I appreciate everyone’s time and I hope to see some replies!


So what you can do besides ideas? Any portfolio with sounds, models or textures?
Did you create any game yet, because most of our ideas (some really groundbreaking) when confronted what can be coded, and what is fun were not that groundbreaking at all.

For. eg doing fast space shooter on planets orbit, this idea was so great, great looking everything nice. But then weird (counter-intuitive) things happened with projectiles all because orbital movement. Then came poles anomaly which was terrible to solve. Then problem of scale vs space for level and optimal camera distance/fov , we could pick only 2 in optimal range, 3rd aspect was always wrong. So we unfolded whole game, it lost a lot of “purple cow” factor. Then we found out that there is very similar game already done and android devices simply cannot support so many particle effects.

I wrote above paragraph to show that even best ideas without experience in making them into real games are worth nothing (more they waste months of your time). Without experience you cannot know what is doable and what is not worth in terms of time invested and quality/content gained in game (that was our idea for around planet/ball arcade game).

No indie team needs just idea man, those teams are too small have person focusing only on ideas for game, well the are too small for somebody to just make working prototypes of games, that is needed once a year or so when they thing about new game. So get more skills, or if you have show work you did.

Okay okay Nawrot, you are right in what you are saying… but hey give the guy a break: IE give Likainen a break! The guy is obviously new to Game Dev and wants to get in touch with likeminded people.

Although Nawrot, you are absolutely correct that it is only skill and ability with game engine / 3D modeling / code etc etc that makes games. Games would be nothing without great ideas. So give the guy a break. :slight_smile:

Likainen - keep having great ideas, but also you gotta learn the practical skills to turn your ideas into a reality. Best of luck with it! :slight_smile:

Obvious troll is obvious.
Bait topic :wink:

Ok, so my reply to everyone. First Nawroot I agree yes I have degrees in networking as well as being a hobbyist 3D Modeler. I have been working with UDK and Unreal for about 4-5 years now. I’ve also been working with animation and blueprints. Haven’t exactly perfected blueprints yet but i’m still learning and that’s all that matters. I absolutely LOVE level design. It’s actually a passion. Scenery is my set point. I wouldn’t exactly say I’m new but I’ve been through multiple teams and I’m tired of the repeated “we’re gonna get it done, it’s looking great” a year goes by… nothing changes. Slight progress. People giving up. and I personally can’t continue a game where I don’t have the love and passion for it as much as the guy who created the idea in the first place. Thus the reason why I want to push idea’s that are quick, easy, and effective. No use in spending years on end on an RPG that just might not make it. RPG’s take time! and a lot of beginners and other enthusiasts are fanboy’s of RPG’s and want that to be their first game. In reality, this would take an absolute extended amount of time with no one getting paid, nothing to push people, etc. kick starters are a great example. Kick starting a game that’s quick and easy will progress. Things to learn, keep moving. Never give up! the so on factors.
and bruno, thanks but no thanks. No troll here. Progression actually.

I am quite thankful for everyone who’s even glanced at this thread let alone replying to it. You’re all awesome!

Hi Likainen, we’re similar in many ways. I too have a lots of game ideas. They were bursting out of my head so I started The Official Idea Guy Thread to relieve the pressure. You might as well give them away if your not making them, as they take lots of work to become reality.

I also participated on several teams. I learned the hard way: over ambitious projects, die painful deaths. It has taken me over a decade to accept that I have develop games within my skill and budget. I started with programming many years ago, but just recently realized I needed to learn 2D Graphics, 3D modeling/Animation, and Music software, if im to be successful.

My goal nowadays is to complete a game of my own design. I’m no longer hung up on appearance, thanks to the success of Minecraft. Games have to be Fun, and Fun can be simple. I’ve settled on developing a simple game of maze and monsters with a few innovations here and there.

If an idea that quick, easy, and effective why not develop them yourself?

Cool post and ideology Techlord. Thats a good outlook! :slight_smile:

I’d like to see your work Likainen just to prove your words. Being an idea man and tell people what they must do is one part, contributing yourself on that idea makes the other part.

Sorry to sound like that. I just wanted to show on my own example, why having idea without much experience may be frustrating and potentially waste few months of hard work.
I think it is better when some random guy from internet writers blunt post than spending 5 months doing stuff that is going nowhere.

@likalien you should post that reply in your original post. Show what you know and your skills. There are people wanting to team up, usually artists need coders or other way around.
Alone you probably will give up on yet another project, so seek somebody like you.

I also was in multiple teams that did nothing besides first few sketches.
But i also been in teams that are too hardcore for me, and they push forward for years.

Yo, sentcha a PM:)