[LFW][Unpaid] C++/BP Dev LF small project and new friends

Hello. I am putting myself out there looking mostly for a new group of friends that share the same passion as me for development and games.

In my day job I am a Software Engineer, so I bring a lot to the table in terms of project structure/management, professional best practices, and all that comes with it.

I can do anything from UE4, coding to blueprints to backend/server, devops, hosting, website design, CI/CD

Im mostly interested in making new friends. Small projects preferred :slight_smile:

My discord is unicoder#0001 -


Thanks for the many of you who reached out. I am at capacity for now. If you need help or just wanna chat about unreal hit me up

I’d love to chat sometime. Discord Duke#9927 . Add me as a friend if you’re interested.

His goal is to steal ideas from others to use in his own projects and waste times of other people by trolling them, he flouts all ethics by his behavior, he clearly deserves to be excluded.
professional troll, meme dealer


Even on your profile you said that you Troll others…

Please don’t jump to conclusions. The reason I stopped responding to you was some personal matters im having to handle, and I do not need discord/chats as a distraction at the moment.

I apologize for ghosting but this cant be my priority right now.

You blocked me on Discord right after ask me some more details about the project, that i already explained many times…
if you really doesn’t want any distraction on Discord as you said, then you just have to turn it off on mobile/PC to not have any notifications, not blocking people without any notice…

You also add me on GitHub then remove me without any explanations and other Trolling behavior’s…

Also I contacted you twice on this forum messages, you didn’t even answer,
but on the post you did to pretend that you are innocent.

At least you could really apologise for all my time you waste and take the time to explain me in detail what happened by private message…

I guess you won’t do, it’s not for nothing, your profile Say " Professional troll "

If any of you had problems with him, please let me know, thanks.

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The same thing happened with me pretty much

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