[LFW Unpaid] Audio Engineer and sound designer

My name is Paul Starmore I live in Scotland and have been working in audio for over 8 years now. I recently graduated from the University of Abertay in Dundee with a BA (with hons) in Sound design. During my studies I worked alongside amazing artists,talented designers and programmers working together to create some creative and amazing projects.

I have always had a strong love of audio through music but as I grew I begun to appreciate its use in art both as a tool and as an essential element of the experience. I begun my studies into sound production which provided me with extensive experience with live sound set ups and recordings as well as mixing,editing and mastering of all kinds of audio projects including radio, video games as well as movies and advertisement.

For a year I worked independently both producing and presenting a radio station online through a station called Radio-active. Other experiences I have include hosting and engineering Live music venues in the Busy Glasgow City night life both DJ work and live musical performances.
After years of work in the Sound production field I moved into the world of Sound design and was amazed by the freedom and creative inspiration this field provided. Creating sound effect to give a video game life or composing some music to give the story or the environment emotion is such a strong and impacting thing that I feel blessed to be able to work with.

During my time in university as well as after I graduated I have worked on some small projects. These range from voice acting work and sound design for a mobile platform game which was pitched to “Tag Games” as well as some music composition for a mobile based game yet to release. I have worked on larger set projects both as an audio adviser and as a writer and director of some story elements. I am currently teaching myself to program audio using C++ and have some basic knowledge of using Unity and unreal engine audio systems.

I Love the gaming industry and the amazing and creative minds who work in it. This is why I am looking to find a team or individual who requires my expertise. This would be on a freelance Unpaid basic as I am trying to improve and develop my personal portfolio However if a team is interested in keeping my services I would be happy to discuss any long term options.

Check out some of my work Here: Stream Paul Starmore music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
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