(LFW) UE4 Generalist Game Developer/Artist

Hi! My name is Stefan Geerinckx and I’m a generalist game developer. I started in the game industry 10 years ago as a hobbyist with unity and c# programming. Along the years I’ve honed my skills in different areas. 3 years ago I picked up UE4 and learned blueprint scripting. And so, for the past 2 years I’ve been doing UE4 game development professionally doing freelance work and creating my own games. The last 6 months I’ve picked up c++ and having a lot of experience with blueprint scripting made it easy for me to learn. I got my first published early access game out on 2nd july 2018 which is called Forests of Augusta, a fast paced competitive survival game. Over the years I also learned Game Design, 3D Environment and prop Art, UI/UX Art and UMG implementation along some other minor developed skills. I’ve also worked professionally as QA software tester for 2 years.

I’m looking for a freelance job for 20 or 40 hours / week!

My skills:


  • Blueprint scripting
  • UI/UX design and UMG implementation
  • QA Testing

Very good:

  • C++ programming


  • 3D environment and prop modelling (+ uv’ing and texturing)
  • Web design/development
  • Environment concept art

Personal traits:

  • Make-things-happen-person
  • Ability to finish projects
  • Leadership skills
  • A desire to grow as a person and take on higher responsibilities

Portfolio links:

Some of my projects:

contact me through email at or through this forum.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Kind regards,