LFW - UE4 Generalist: Blueprint Expert, Engineer, Gameplay, AnimBP, Materials

Hello! I’m Zach, I’ve been using UE4 since version 1. I’ve worked on 3 shipped titles with teams ranging from myself to several dozen developers. I’m currently only looking for paid contract work or a full-time position with a studio.

You can contact me through email at: [EMAIL=“”]

Shipped Work

War on Zombies - Mobile game done by myself as a personal game jam. From concept to Play Store with ad support in 8 weeks.

Farmtale - Brought on towards end of development, worked on save system, tutorial, end game cinematics, critical bug fixing, and formula correction

Bionicle: Masks of Power/Trials of the Great Spirit - Community driven fan game, team of 30 volunteers.
While I’m not the project creator, I am the Game Director and Lead Programmer. I coded all the major gameplay systems for the Toa character, from the mask mechanics, movement abilities, combat, AnimBP, Camera work, AI, VFX, and state machines. I also did most of the pre-production documentation and goal outlining, as well as setting up the development pipeline. I sorted and “hired” new developers and artists, and coordinate with Department leads to accomplish goals and determine priorities for the project.



C++ - I can convert blueprints to C++, and integrate plugins into the base project solution. I primarily work in Blueprints but I can fill C++ needs for simple things.

Blueprints - There’s very little I can’t accomplish with Blueprints. I can do gameplay mechanics, backend engineering, save systems, in-editor developer tools, Animation BP, Multiplayer replication, and of course bug fixing. I keep clean blueprints, functions and documentation. I don’t do spaghetti code. My Blueprints typically follow OOP .

Networking - I can work with the ins and outs of replication, optimization, and syncing, and have made fully networked and optimized multiplayer with Steam integration

**Materials/Shaders - **I can accomplish quite a bit with UE4’s Material system, creating clean and performant shaders of almost any type and style, for meshes or post processing.

UI - My favorite aspect of development is UI, I can create nested menus and the back and forth logic, as well as clean, easy to navigate design using multiple inputs.

Animation - I have a very solid grasp of Animation Blueprints, and provided a rigged character and animations, I can set up a smooth animation blueprint.

Additionally, I’m familiar with a number of external programs: Photoshop, FlStudio, Audacity, Maya, and I have a beginner-novice understanding of Houdini FX


This video showcases roughly two weeks of coding on a prototype, but features several robust features, such as: advanced movement system (Sprinting, crouching, dodging, climbing, vaulting, air strafing, and bunnyhopping), advanced weapon system(2 slots, fully custom gun variables, weapon switching and swapping, accurate bloom, hitscan, impact force, melee, and holstering), advanced AI(Patrol, attack, hold, retreat, search, advance), all networked for multiplayer.

This video is a follow up using some placeholder assets. This shows off a completely custom shader intended for this project.

Super Cubiform (In development, Currently Alpha)

Teaser Trailer - Done 100% in-engine with UMG (delayed)

A video of PVP gameplay during an interview (client view)

An older version of the game, showing off a controller-navigable custom menu, post process shaders, and a rough first pass of a challenge mode:

This video shows a cut feature for the game, color matching:

This video shows off a Blueprint portal system, with both portal rendering and physics.

I’m also very adept at communicating ideas, and have a few tutorials available for viewing here: