[LFW]Tam Vu - 2D/3D Gaming & Animation Artist

**Skillsets: **12 years in game/film industry

  • 2D Concept Art (Character, Environment)
  • 2D Animation & Effect
  • UI/UX design
  • 3D Model (Character ,Environment) Low & High
  • Lighting, Rendering
  • Management skills, Art direction

Previous Work:

  • [2011-2014] Lead Artist - FPT Online
  • [2014-2014] 2D Lead - Gianty
  • [2014-2016] Art Director - VTC Online
  • [2016-Present] 3D Sculpting Mentor and Freelancer


E-mail: [EMAIL=“tamvu.art@gmail.com”]tamvu.art@gmail.com
Skype: tamvu.art

Additional Information:

  • Flexible time frame
  • Cannot travel

My 3D works:

Here is one of my works for background. Kindly visit my portfolio at https://vutam.weebly.com/

Some characters I created:

Kindly visit my portfolio at [https://vutam.weebly.com/


My latest work: