[LFW] Sound Designer with Masters degree looking for work


My name is Will and i am an Audio Designer looking to find a new game project to work on. I have a Masters degree in Sound Design and lots of experience working with audio and music in audio-visual media. I have an acute attention to detail, a critical ear and a thorough appreciation of the importance of high quality and seamless audio in order to maintain immersion within the gaming experience.

I can provide visceral high quality and bespoke audio with a unique and creative approach as well as in-engine implementation; I have strong knowledge of both Wwise and Unreal Engine 4, but am also an adaptable professional able to fulfil any audio needs necessary. have the knowledge to exploit the interactivity of games to produce audio results that heighten the gameplay, narrative and emotional tone as well as fit to your artistic vision.

I can offer indie friendly rates with work that is of a professional level. However, I am willing to work for revenue-share for the right project that is of a very high quality and would be a great addition to my portfolio.

As well as sound design i can offer experimental and adaptive music with a unique approach and sound palette, for more information please enquire

If you are interested please feel free to message me, or you can email me at [EMAIL=“whjsoundandmusic@gmail.com”]whjsoundandmusic@gmail.com