[LFW] Sound Designer For Hire

Hey all!

Currently looking for some new work, and would love to work with you! Information below for your entertainment. :slight_smile:

– This is what I do –

  • Sound Design: Custom SFX [I don’t prefer to do music. While I am willing to, music will be created at a slower pace than SFX]
  • Audio Implementation: Through Blueprint alone, or both Blueprint and Wwise
  • VO Design: Editing VO files, as well as designing around them to create effects for special treatments [monster/boss dialogue]
  • Audio QA: I verify my work, no “drop and forget”

Previous Work:

I have been a dedicated Audio QA Tester working with middleware engines and dev tools since the beginning of 2012, shipping multiple AAA titles (to date, I have shipped 3 AAA titles, as well as 2 DLC and 1 Expansion). All work as a commercial Sound Designer is currently protected by NDAs and has not seen public light as of yet.


“A reel made in one day”:

E-mail (Most reliable):
Unreal: loencn
Forum PM (Less reliable)