(LFW) Skilled UE4 Indie Game Dev

Hello all,

I am seeking employment or collaboration with other teams. I am an Indie game developer with 4 years experience in Level Designs, Blueprint Programming, Audio FX, 3D Modeling, and Story Board Writing. My Level of exp is as follows.

Level Designs(UE4, Image Editing, Modeling, etc.) - 80-90% Skilled

Blueprint Programming(UE4) - 50-75% Skilled

Audio FX(Mixcraft DAW, Indie Home Audio Productions) - 90-100% Skilled

3D Modeling(Blender) - 20-50% Skilled

Story Writing(Vast Imagination) - 90-100% Skilled

My Nu Habit Studio (Gaming) Portfolio -
(More of my work by “Request”)

Based on my skills, I am able to create a basic game with full functions on my own. I am hoping, maybe my skills will be needed by a good team who loves to make and play video games. I am a game lover and a few of my favs are: Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Fallout, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and more…

I am 35 and live in New Mexico, USA. I am able to provide 6-12 hours of my time depending on request. I work from home so I have “time”. I am very dedicated to developing video games as it is one of my passions. I love making Space RPGs as well as Ground RPGs.

If you see that I might fit in your team, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for your time.

Bumping this back up. I hope no one minds. As I said before, I can provide more of my work if necessary. I can do more than space games as well. Thanks.

Hi I am wondering if you would be interested in joining my team. we are making a sci-fi souls like with a heavy emphasis on stealth and on story. was wondering if you would be interested in this kind of game. thanx and have a good day!

Thanks for offering me to help your team. I would love to hear more about it and what you would like from me. My email is and I will await your contact. Thank you.

Here are some more pictures for everyone to see the ship I am currently working on. I am not done, but on my way.

Some more interior work of this ship.