[LFW - ROYALTY] - Blueprints amateur programmer

Hi there

I’ve been searching for a cool project to work on for almost a year now. Sadly, I’ve found none.

By “cool” project I mean something that’s not a crappy remake of popular AAA or indie games (which is mostly of what I’ve found so far). I want to work on something out of the ordinary, a game (or other software/simulation/whatever) that doesn’t have hundreds of similar titles already in existence.

I’ve got some designs for such games, but sadly, I’m not no good at organizing teams, and all my attempts so far have failed miserably, so I’m rather looking to join an existing one this time. I’m no expert at unreal, but I’ve put together a few basic prototypes for vehicles, rts controls and tile-based level editor.

If you have something for me, or want to know more about me please PM me on this site…


Link to a sample of work done maybe…