[LFW] [Royalty] 3D character artist

Hello, I’m making characters in a fantasy / medieval setting
At the exit, they are ready to retarget animations.

I can build a simple level from ready-made blocks, dungeon

When can I be helpful for Unreal Engine 4 users:

  • need a lot of PBR characters, fast
  • characters need different physiques
  • characters must have simulated fabric (raincoats, rags)
  • you need at least some level in which these models will run
  • game in style closer to realism
  • game about the middle ages, fantasy
  • you need him not to waste time on assembly, correct naming, fabric simulation
  • project on UE4

To whom I will not be useful:

  • project on Unreal Engine, I only have experience with UE
  • you have stylization, divorced from realism in proportions, materials
  • you are NOT doing long term construction for 100+ months
  • you need witcher / uncharted / AAA model level
  • you need facial animation, tails, tentacles, horses
  • you need me to learn programming, blueprints, or some other area that does not deal with my skills at all

My ideal partner:

  • has experience in commercial game development, released a game, received money for it, knows its limits
  • wants to make the game relatively fast, starting with a minimum viable product in a medieval / fantasy setting
  • knows how to look for ready-made solutions in his field, adapt them to his tasks, pursuing the goal of releasing a finished product without reinventing the wheel

Well, it’s perfect to make it clear the overall vision is leading me.

Who can I be an ideal partner for:

  • you need to quickly make 5-10 characters and construct a level that they will overcome

reel - YouTube video with my models, timecodes