[LFW][Royalties/Paid] Project & Product Manager


Anthony Davis

About me

I recently graduated a Programming Trade school, however I am not interested in programming for a team (although it is nice to know a little about programming when managing) . I am currently managing my own team for an online board game (Unity Game Engine) that I designed myself. We plan on taking the game to steam when completed, but in the mean time I would like to try and work on another project in hopes to make a little bit of revenue. I have a creative yet realistic mindset, and hope to join a team that does as well. I am very dedicated, reliable, and detailed, and would like to a join a team that is also very proactive and dedicated as well.

What I can contribute

  • Organization and Management (keep things on track and make sure what needs to be done gets done)
  • Instill Structure & Process into a team
  • (project management) Diagrams, Documents, Ideas, Marketing, Website (mostly just Word-press), etc.
  • (product management) GDD, Flowcharts, detail oriented design, and problem solving skills.

A few of the tools I use
Note: I am not an artist or in any way artistic.

  • Pencil (mockups)
  • Google Docs (document sharing/collaberation)
  • Slack/HipChat (Communication tool)
  • Trello/Asana (Task management software)
  • Docracy (Contracts & agreements)
  • [Basic knowledge] Unity Game engine (currently trying to learn Unreal)
  • Gimp and basic Paint like software for simple image creation (again, I am far from an artist)
  • [Basic Knowledge] Blender
  • Wordpress
  • General knowledge of Programming languages (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, and other API’s and frameworks)
  • Github (a bit rusty and not very relevant)
  • Basic familiarity with Lean and Agile development.
  • And always looking for more when the need arises.

What I am looking for

  • A team that has an end in sight. Preferably a team that has decided to tackle a small or medium sized game that would like to somewhat follow a deadline.
  • NOT a MMORPG that will take years to finish.
  • A team that has/is looking for structure, and is goal/task oriented.
  • An active team that is dedicated and devotes a good amount of time into the development of the game.

Contact me
I would love to hear about your team and have the pleasure of working with you guys!

If you have any question or interest please contact me at:
Skype: “ants.95.”

Hi Anthony Davis. I have senbt you an email. Cheers! :slight_smile: