[LFW] Producer, narrative designer, game designer, level designer - looking for new opportunities.

Hello, my name is Enver and I am an experienced producer who has released 5 DLC-sized quest mods and 4 indie games on Unreal Engine 4. I’m also proficient in narrative design and I have some programming experience.

Main skills:

Project management: My main specialty since 2007. I was able to resurrect 2 previously abandoned projects and released them in a state that users were able to play and enjoy, one of which was an entire game based on the Morrowind engine.

Narrative design: My other specialty since 2013. I have consistently planned and implemented multi-branching interactive stories with full choice and consequence, much to the praise of users and critics. And yes, that includes stat checks like all the great RPGs have.

Other skills:

Programming: I have some knowledge and experience of C++ and Python, though my main implementation work has been done in scripting languages.

Blueprints (BPs): Extensive experience of all of the Events, including the overlap and tick events. Intermediate experience of character BPs, Anim BPs, Blackboards and AI packages.

Level design: My level design has been classed as being very good. However, my best level design work has been in small and compact locations, and not in large sprawling landscapes.

Resume & Portfolio

My ideal position would be using either of my main skills, however I’m also open to positions using my other skills.

You can contact me by PMing me, replying to this thread or messaging me at enver(at)

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