[LFW] Paul Drauz-Brown - Full-Stack Audio Designer & Composer

Hi, I’m Paul - I’m obsessed by story-telling in games!

In my work, I always aim to bring a physicality and context to the audio design, immersing players in an expressive sonic world that responds to their actions.

I have been working in Sound Design and Composition for the past 5 years, focusing heavily on games in the last three. Additionally, I have a Masters degree in professional games development and experience working across a variety of team sizes. My work as part of the game development company Darkroom Interactive was recently featured by Rock, Paper, Shotgun and The Gadget Show on Channel 5 (based in the UK) among others.

To discuss your budget and requirements, or even just to chat, please get in touch:** [EMAIL=“”]**

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Skillset(s): Sound Design, Composition, Implementation
3 years in the Indie game scene.
Working experience across the entire audio pipeline.
Can implement audio assets with minimal oversight, either in-engine or via middleware.
Experienced in both linear and procedural audio design.

Software Includes:
Digital Audio Workstations: Ableton / Logic Pro X.
Middleware: Wwise, Fmod.
Game Engines: Unreal, Unity.
Other: Max MSP, Pure Data, C++

My Previous Work Includes:

Snap Hunt:
ndie game, Audio design, music composition & implementation

King of the Castle: Paul Drauz-Brown :: Audio Designer and Composer :: UK
Indie game, Audio design, music composition & implementation


For my showreel, more examples and information, visit my Website:


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Skype: paul.d.b

Additional Information:

  • Can work remotely.
  • Available full-time.

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